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Mediumship Readings

& Spiritual Healing


With psychic medium & artist-

Cheryl Rausch

Evening with Spirit

God, Spirit, Universe, Father, Mother, Source, the Divine. No matter what name you choose, the source remains the same in that we are all a part of it. We come from Spirit, and will return to it some day. As a result, Spirit- including our loved ones who have passed- are always doing whatever they can to remain relevant in our lives. I not only provide communication between clients and their loved ones, but to also show them that they can feel their loved ones in their lives as well. Each reading is always different and deeply personal for each person. And while the session content can vary widely, the theme is always the same- love and support for you. And Spirit, as always, guides the way.


These intimate, one on one sessions are offered to clients to help them express themselves visually when words cannot.


No drawing or art experience is necessary, just your willingness to open up your heart and express yourself on paper.


Clients receive guidance from the instructor AND Spirit, throughout the session. In the end, helping to heal your soul is what we strive to do.


All art supplies will be provided.

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