Beth L.

My husband, who is a non believer, got an itch to go see what this was all about. He came back with quite a bit of really interesting information from loved ones who have passed on. He has been pondering all of this and keeps saying he wished he had thought to record it. If you have ever been curious, but felt hesitant, don’t be. The setting is very cozy; there is nothing to be afraid of. If you have specific questions or messages or people, I would highly recommend an hour session (or more). My family was so interested they decided to book a group session.


Melissa H.

This was a wonderful experience. Cheryl was very thorough and thoughtful. I had many questions and Cheryl was very patient and understanding. I would highly recommend Spirit Vision Studio and look forward to another visit.


Jennifer Z.

Cheryl is an excellent medium. She stays true to the messages and provides detail and confirmation. She is also very humble and shows compassion when speaking one on one.

Gina D.

I highly recommend Cheryl! She has an amazing gift that has brought me great healing.

Kristy M.

I have had a few readings from Cheryl, and I can honestly say that she is the real deal! Cheryl truly helped me and my family with so many issues we were struggling with in regards to our loved ones that we had lost. Cheryl is a talented, caring, and insightful person. I felt like a weight was lifted off of me after one of our readings, and can't wait until our next one!

Lauré M.

I was first introduced to Cheryl at a business conference at which she gave audience members a 10 minute reading.  I was very intrigued with what she shared about me, and I knew I wanted to have a full session with her.  Fast forward a month and Cheryl was outstanding on a podcast with Lead Up For Women and I knew immediately I needed that full session as soon as possible.  The very next day we met.  Cheryl was spot on about a lot of things that have been holding me back, and our hour quickly passed.  She was available and I wanted to have another hour, so we proceeded.  Her professionalism is top notch but what really hit me was her emotional connection to the Spirit World and with me.  I had this extended session just  yesterday, but I can already see the impact it is having on me and will literally change my life.  I highly recommend booking a session with Cheryl if you have questions about your life or your business or  your past.  Thank you so much for your insight, Cheryl.

Karen D.

Cheryl has a truly incredible gift.  As a vendor at multiple Spiritual Expos over 10 years, I have experienced the energies of many, many psychic mediums.  In that time, I booked sessions with only 5 of them - I simply could not find the right connection with their energy.

When I was introduced to Cheryl (via zoom) that all changed.  I was part of a group where she did some short readings for each of us.  I was amazed with the information she shared for me and even more impressed when I heard how she was consistently guiding each of the others.  I immediately booked a private session with her.

Her style is very interactive and conversational.  She made sure I was clearly understanding the messages she was sharing before moving on.  This gave me opportunity to explore much deeper. Highly recommend her!!

Aime C.

My very first session with Cheryl was literally LIFE CHANGING!!  I was able to connect with loved ones who have passed on.  One was expected and another was very unexpected; however, both had very important messages to share.  I was able to learn about a few of my past lives (something that has always intrigued me) and also  that I have a very important role to help & heal others during this lifetime.  I strongly encourage anyone who is looking for guidance or clarity from loved ones, past lives, or about your future to work with Cheryl! She is very talented!